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“On Christmas Day 2015 I decided to change my life & stop drinking alcohol. Since then I’ve been working hard to make all of my dreams come true. I surf everyday & appreciate every day that I’ve been given.”

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Ben Gravy

Ben Gravy is a catalyst for positivity in the surf community and spent years on a personal journey to surf every single state in the USA. After a post surf session on the beautiful island  of Puerto Rico we asked Ben the question, whats next? What happens after you surf all 50 states? After a lot of debate and visions of Gravy as a guest on the Ellen show, we decided it was important to share his journey with the world. As a team we tackled the last few stops on Ben’s tour including Alaska where we captured his final ride checking off all 50 states, a world record for surfing and a personal best for Gravy.

Jordan Verni

Jordan, better known as Jverni has been apart of this wild journey with Ben for 6 years. She grew up in Pennsylvania and summered on the jersey shore just like Ben. They met when she was 26 with every moment documented for Ben’s vlog. When she’s not traveling along side Ben she loves hanging with her two dogs and family! In recent years she’s picked up surfing because of Ben, but she prefers the boogie.

Sean Davis — Director

Sean Davis grew up in Santa Cruz, California where he developed a passion for documenting adventure sports at a very young age. He has directed projects for such companies as Nikon, SanDisk, Lib Tech, Vail Resorts, and many more. During his 15 year career, Sean has worked with some of the highest level production companies and has had his documentary work published across the globe. His motivation for powerful storytelling along with his love for filmmaking, have led him to create a level of professionalism that is highly sought after. In 2019 he set out to direct his debut feature length documentary titled “For The Dream” which is currently being awarded official selection accolades at film festivals across the country.

Russ & Roxanne Scully — Executive Producers

Russ and Roxanne Scully are serial entrepreneur’s and life long water sports enthusiasts residing on Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT. The pair successfully own and operate a few restaurants know as The Spot with outstanding local cuisine, a boutique surf retreat in Puerto Rico a large scale business incubator tech space called Hula and the surf lifestyle brand WND&WVS.

Brian Reardon — Producer

From Live Broadcast to Documentary Film making, if there are cameras and lights involved he’s on board! Love of all things Production is Brian’s motivation, initially starting with the purchase of a single camera and has grown his business into a warehouse full of state-of-the-art production equipment. 

Kevin Womersley — Producer

Growing up in a small beach community it was easy for Kevin to fall in love with the ocean and develop what has become a lifelong passion for surfing. From a young age he has had a appetite for filming and production which carries over from work to play.

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